Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cunt of the Day: Watch what you're doing, cunts

Wednesday's Cunt of the Day will be none other than Cuntwatch itself. We'll address it in more detail tomorrow, but since there's some traffic coming from the Raving Atheists forums, we wanted to make it known right away that we inadvertently stole this blog address from the title of a thread there created by Choobus, who, it should be noted, has a pretty awesome fucking blog himself.

Judging by the comments in our first post, Choobus is totally cool with it, which makes us happy. But we're still cunts.


When we decided to start a blog exposing a different cunt every day, (or nearly every day, as time permits), we created Cuntwatch. We won't pretend that we never saw the thread of the same name over at the RA forums. We lurk there quite frequently and, in fact, linked to their wonderful forums the day we created this blog. We also won't pretend that we didn't know about that thread title when we created this blog. The originality of that thread title simply hadn't struck us, which, in hindsight, is pretty fucking stupid. We just figured that we're trying to identify _____ and named the blog _____watch. There was no intentional thoughts of, "Oh, there's that thread over at the RA forums named cuntwatch, let's run with it." But again, in hindsight, the title obviously popped into our brains so quickly because we remembered it from there.

Few cunts are as cuntastic as those who plagiarize, and we certainly don't want to be in that category. That said, please be aware that this was an unintentional brainfart. If any of you Raving Atheists are reading this, hopefully you realize that we wouldn't have posted comments on Choobus' blog if we realized we were stealing from him, even though that sounds like something a plagiarizing cunt would say. Anyways, the Awesome Chooblog has now been linked along with the forums. And we realize we're cunts. Sorry 'bout that. And thanks for your understanding, Choobus.


chuck norris said...

I beat you down for the lord

BEAJ said...

I'm going to add you on my blog roll but I'm going to spell it Kunt Watch.

scathach said...

Nice blog. I'm sending a link to all my fabulous atheist pals.

Just out of curiosity, is a socialist libertarian significantly different from a libertarian socialist?

Alan Mackenzie said...
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